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Compleat Games & Hobbies Has Closed
After 22 years, Compleat Games & Hobbies has closed.  It's time for new projects and adventures.  We've had  a most remarkable run, but all good things must come to an end.  There are just not enough hours in the day to play all the games we want to play.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers over these past years.  You are the reason that Compleat Games & Hobbies/The Compleat Gamer has been so successful.  We so appreciate your support and are glad to have gotten to know all of you.  We look forward to seeing you around town in the future.

I would like to personally thank all of the employees with whom I've had the pleasure to work. I've gotten to know and work with the most fun, diverse, humorous, and hard-working group one could imagine.  It is the nearly 70 of you that have worked at The Compleat Gamer and Compleat Games & Hobbies these past many years that have given us the reputation as that "weird, kinda funky place downtown", as one customer has described it.  It truly has been an honor.

I also want to thank Downtown Partnership and the Business Improvement District.  These bodies have worked tirelessly to make downtown a vibrant, exciting place to work, shop, and live.  I encourage you to continue to support Downtown.  The downtown core of a city is the city's heart.  Your locally-owned business gives personality to the community, and it needs your support!

We are maintaining our Facebook page (Compleat Games & Hobbies) along with this website.  Check back to these sites on occasion, because that is where you will find updates on what we're doing.  And who knows?  Compleat Games & Hobbies may one day return.  Never say never….

Also, the store space, in part or in whole, is available for lease.  Please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for leasing information.
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