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Our hours of operation are, well, none.

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Buy, Sell & Trade FAQ
  • Can I sell stuff to you guys?

Sure, at least depending on what stuff you want to sell. We DO NOT BUY anything we don't want to. So there you have it.

  • What sort of things do you buy?

We are currently buying used RPGs, Magic: The Gathering cards, and model kits.

  • How much do you pay?

We pay a small percentage of the item's resell value in cash. If you are looking for store credit (our preferred choice), then you will get a better percentage.

  • But MY cards are worth a lot, why won't you pay market prices?

The "worth" of a card is the final price that another collector or player will pay for that item. If we bought a $10 card for $10, we would have to sell it for at more than $10 to make it worth it for us (profit = Compleat Games and Hobbies stays open!) We wouldn't be able to sell it for that much, however, since it's only worth $10. So, we have to pay considerably less to ensure that we are not wasting our time and money.

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